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Customs Uniforms

The new uniform of Bahrain Customs was introduced in 2009. The modern uniforms are in line with contemporary customs organizations and in line with international standards.


Customs Insignia

The Insignia of customs includes a gate with a crown above, signifying the organization as being the ‘gatekeepers’ of the Kingdom of Bahrain, tasked with the role of protecting the community and citizens from potential risks arising from international trade and travel,  whilst facilitating legitimate movement of goods and people. 

Bahrain Customs is part of the Ministry of Interior, therefore the customs insignia is usually accompanied by the insignia of the Ministry of Interior.


Customs Officers Dress

The new uniform of Customs staff is part of the strategic plan for the modernization of Bahrain Customs. It reflects the changes which the organization is undergoing and provides the strong impression of a modern organization belonging to a progressive and advancing country.

The uniform is navy blue with silver and gold buttons having the insignia of Bahrain Customs and the Ministry of Interior. Male customs officers have both Winter and Summer dress which have been designed for comfort and practicality. The uniform consists of a white short sleeve shirt with shoulder flaps, epaulettes, customs patch, belt and normal or hard black shoes depending on the work location. For winter or formal occasions a smart navy blue jacket with gold and silver silver buttons is also worn. The uniform instills a sense of professionalism and pride to officers.

Female customs officers have a smart dress which is both comfortable and reflects the country’s culture and customs.

Specialist customs officers such as those belonging to the K9 unit have a dress which is much more appropriate and practical for their role.

Accessories and Belts

The badges, ties and belts all feature the Bahrain Customs and/or Ministry of Interior Insignia.



Customs officers who work outside of the office environment are equipped with a set of tools which assist them in their cargo inspection role. Usually these tools comprise of hand torch, wireless communications devices and other basic tools.