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Training Institute

With the recent inauguration of a new prestigious Customs Training Institute, Bahrain Customs aims to produce a new generation of Customs Officers familiar in all aspects of Customs laws; Detection of Contraband; Examination of cargo, bags and merchandise; Interviewing; Analysis; Communications; and Passenger processing. In addition, they will be able to take on specialist roles such as dog handling or undercover and surveillance work.

The new Customs Training Institute provides a purpose built hi-tech environment, using the latest teaching aids to deliver training programs to new (and existing customs officers).




Training is imparted using the latest scientific methods by customs officers who are experts in their respective fields. After training, successful graduate officers are awarded an internationally recognized diploma.

The intensive preliminary training extends to a period of 8 months during which trainees are taught the principles of customs. In addition, the trainees are given field training in various departments within customs. This provides them with real-life experience and exposure to the rigors and challenges facing a modern day Customs Officer.


As well as customs related subjects, the training curriculum also includes a basic law enforcement program put together with input from the ‘Royal Academy of Police’. The end result is a Customs Officer familiar in both enforcement and trade facilitation.



Following completion of training, graduating Customs Officers may be assigned to a role as a general Customs Officer, or if they excel in specific competencies, they may be assigned to specialist areas. This may include working as an Analyst working on the latest Cargo Scanners, or being assigned as a Risk Assessment Officer, or Auditors.