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Internet purchases / Postal Goods

Goods such as new items, gifts, personal effects and dutiable goods, imported through parcel post whether ordinary or express are subject to clearance by Customs officers at Bahrain Post office (Muharraq).


Parcels Containing Dutiable Items

Parcels or packages which contain items which are dutiable will be detailed by Customs at the Post Office. The addressee will be notified by the post office regarding the status of their parcel by a ‘Notification Letter’ and will be required to present themselves in person to collect the parcel. The parcels will be released after customs inspection at the post office in the presence of the addressee or their representative. Any duty liable must be paid before release of the parcel.


Parcels Containing Non-Dutiable Items

Parcels which contain non-dutiable and non-restricted items up to a total value of BD 250/- will be released directly to the Post office by Customs for delivery to the addressee. You must ensure that the shipper attaches the invoice to the parcel to facilitate clearance.


Parcels Containing Restricted or Controlled Items

Import of restricted items having a total value of up to BD 250/- will require approval from the relevant regulatory authority. Parcels containing controlled goods will be sent to the relevant authority for approval of importation. The addressee will be sent a ‘Notification Letter’ informing him to collect the parcel directly from the regulatory authority offices.

Parcels requiring prior approval from the relevant regulatory authority will be detained by Customs at the Post office. The addressee will be notified and asked to obtain the an import permit/approval from the relevant regulatory authority. On presentation of the permit and payment of duty (for items valued over BD 250/-), the parcel will be released.

For items valued over BD 250/- the respective invoice must be attached or presented with the parcel to facilitate customs clearance.


Contact  and Further Information

Muharraq Post Office
Building 138, Road 1535,
Block 215,
Area   Al Hala;
Tel No:  17343996

Working Hours:
Sat, Mon, Wed:  07:00–14:00 and 16:00-18:00
Sun, Tues, Thu:  07:00-14:00
Fri : Non-Working Day