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Importing your own motor vehicle

When importing any type of  motor vehicle (small car, bus, truck, heavy machinery, trailer, or motorcycle),it is important that you follow the procedure outlined below and provide the required documents


Documentation Requirements

In addition to submitting an Import Customs Declaration Form (CDF), you must provide the following :
1. Traffic Technical Inspection (Clearance Certificate must be included)
2. Obtain Inspection License Plate from Traffic Department at the Port which require the following:

  •  Export License Plate
  • A copy of the vehicle details prepared by the Customs Port
  •  Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Identification Card


Importation Procedures and Customs Laws
  1. Demurrage charges are accounted for when the vehicle is left within the Customs Points  premises.
  2. Customs duty is collected based on the invoice or on the valuation price determined by Bahrain Customs
  3. Vehicles may be collected only by the owner or an officially authorized party.
  4. U.S manufactured vehicles imported directly from the USA are exempted from customs duty.
  5. Vehicles are exempted from customs duty in the case that a genuine reconciliation is available and is approximately equal to the invoice value or valuation price.
  6.  An authorization certificate is required from the General Directorate of Traffic when importing four-wheel tractors and two-wheel motor cycles.



When importing through the sea port or air cargo, a delivery order, bill of lading and a clearance certificate must be included with the customs declaration; only then should the General Directorate of Traffic be approached in order to obtain an authorization certificate.

Demurrage charges at the sea port are collected by the General Organization of Sea Ports.