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Duty Allowances / Exemptions

Duty Free Allowance for Bahrain

Passengers are allowed to bring the following items into Bahrain without paying customs duty:

  1. Personal gifts and effects whose value does not exceed BD 250 and which are not subject to customs duty
  2. Cigarettes not exceeding (400) cigarettes in quantity, (50) Cigars, (250) Grams of tobacco in open packets.
  3. Alcoholic Liquor not exceeding  1 liter and 6 cans of Beer (non-Muslim passengers only)
  4. 8 ounces(oz) of Perfume


Permitted Customs Exempt Luggage

Passengers are allowed to bring in the following luggage into Bahrain:

  1. Personal belongings shall be permitted and exempt from customs duty
  2. Video and still cameras with appropriate accessories and film
  3. CD and DVD players within agreeable non-commercial quantities
  4. Telescopes
  5. Mobile phones within agreeable non-commercial quantities
  6. Computers including laptops within agreeable non-commercial quantities
  7. Sports equipment
  8. Baby strollers
  9. Portable music equipment
  10. Disabled wheelchairs


Conditions for exemption
  1. Passengers must over the age of 18 for carrying allowable cigarettes and alcoholic liquor
  2. Luggage and Gifts must be of a personal and not commercial nature or quantities
  3. Passenger should not be a frequent traveler bringing in goods on a regular basis, or member of aircraft crew


  1. There are no import restrictions on local or foreign currency for Bahrain
  2. Any person, entering or leaving the European Union, carrying cash worth 10,000 Euros or more will have to declare it to the relevant authorities

According to the Decree Law No.4 of 2001 regarding the prevention and prohibition of money laundering and terrorist financing and its amending Law No. 54 of 2006 Article 57, passengers arriving to or departing from Bahrain might be requested by the Customs or Security authorities to disclose the value of any local or foreign currencies, gold or other negotiable instruments that are in their possession.


Other Procedures
  1. Subject to the rules and regulations pertaining to the prevention and restriction of commodities, arriving passengers may bring in personal equipment and other dutiable items under the Temporary Importation System for a period of six months, which is extendable. It may be necessary for a financial deposit to be paid which may be recovered on the exportation of such equipment and items under the supervision of the customs.
  2. Subject to the rules and regulations pertaining to the prevention and restriction of commodities, customs may take control (seize) of dutiable personal equipment and goods of passengers who do not wish to use or consume such items in Bahrain until they depart the country within a period not exceeding three months. Also, at the request of a passenger, customs may transfer such dutiable equipment and goods to another customs outlet for exportation under the transit system.