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Dutiable Controlled and Restricted / Prohibited Goods

Dutiable Goods

If you have any dutiable goods which exceed the duty allowance, you must approach the customs officer at the Red Channel. It is an offence if you proceed to the Green Channel  and you have items which are subject to customs duty.

Click on the link below for details on duty free allowances:

Duty Free Allowances and Exemptions


Prohibited Items

The following items are NOT allowed to be imported into the Kingdom of Bahrain:

  • All types of Narcotic Drugs (Heroin, Cocaine, Hashish, Pills having drugs effects etc..)
  • Indian Paan and Derivatives
  • Used and reconditioned Tyres
  • Cultured Pearls
  • Advertisement material for all types of Cigarettes
  • Radio/ Remote controlled Model Aircraft
  • Children’s Toy Guns capable of firing projectiles
  •  Goods of Israeli origin or bearing Israeli trademarks or logos
  • Printed publications, photographs, pictures, books, magazines sculptures and mannequins which contradict Islamic teachings, decency, or immorality.
  • Seditious or Treasonable  material
  • Asbestos or Items containing Asbestos
  • Raw Ivory, Ivory articles and Rhinoceros Horn
  • Live Swine
  •  Any other items, whose importation is prohibited under Kingdom of Bahrain Customs laws, or any other laws of the country 


Controlled and Restricted Goods

There are certain categories of goods which are allowed controlled entry into Bahrain. Entry is only permitted on production of a Permit or No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the relevant regulatory authority.

Click on the link below for more details on controlled and restricted items:

Restricted and Controlled Items



Passengers may bring into the country, medicines for personal use only. An original prescription from a registered medical practitioner must be enclosed (stamped and signed by the relevant medical authority with full details of the patient and medical condition). All medication should be in original packaging and should not have expired.

 Hallucinatory or psychotropic medicines and drugs are not permitted without a prior approval from the Ministry of Health.  Any passenger found with such medicines will be liable to prosecution under the relevant laws.