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Traveler Customs Clearance Procedures

For the convenience of arriving travelers, Bahrain customs implements a Red and Green Channel system at all border entry points.

Travelers who require customs services or need to pay duty on their goods may proceed directly to the Customs Office at the checkpoint. If you are in doubt, then you may enquire with the officer at the Red channel.

 Air or Sea passengers will see the Red and Green Channel signs in the Arrivals hall. Customs officers are positioned at both channels.

If you are arriving by car, through the King Fahd Causeway , you will see Red and Green Channel signs along the route after you have cleared immigration.


Using the Green Channel

You may proceed to the Green Channel if you are not carrying any dutiable, restricted or prohibited items. However, the customs officer positioned at the channel may still conduct selective checks. If you are in doubt, then always seek clearance at the Red Channel.





Using the Red Channel

You should proceed to the Red Channel if you are carrying any of the following:

  1. Prohibited items
  2. Restricted, Controlled items
  3.  Counterfeit/Pirated items 
  4. Dutiable items or gifts which exceed the duty-free concession
  5. Cash which needs to be declared

At the Red Channel you must verbally declare to the Customs officer any of the above items that you are carrying and produce the import permit/approval for the restricted or prohibited item.



Proceeding to the Green Lane carrying goods subject to duty, exceeding duty exemption allowances, banned or restricted items is a violation of the law and may result in fines and/or prosecution.