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Traders / Businesses
Temporary Import

Goods may be imported through a Custom point into Bahrain on a temporary basis for the purpose of either taking part in an exhibition, or for repairs and maintenance of equipment and machinery.

In such cases,

  1. Certain goods, such as equipment and machinery, are allowed into Bahrain on a temporary basis against a bank guarantee or cash deposit which is refunded on exporting the goods.
  2.  Customs provides ongoing services for exhibitors at the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre. Customs services are available round the clock during exhibitions. Exhibition items are delivered as soon as possible and with minimum formalities and documentation.

 The Kingdom of Bahrain is a signatory to the World Customs Organization's Customs Convention concerning facilities for the importation of goods for display at exhibitions, signed in Brussels in 1961.

Re-Import of Goods Temporarily Exported

Goods which were temporarily exported for Exhibitions, Repairs, or Trade solicitation may be brought back in to Bahrain without any payment of duties subject to the following conditions:

  1. The relevant customs declarations have been submitted with Customs for the export and re-import of the goods
  2. The goods are identified to the satisfaction of Customs at the time of export and re-import
  3. In the case of Trade samples, these must have been exported for the sole purpose of soliciting trade
  4. The goods are to be re-imported within 3 months from the exportation date, or any such further period as allowed by customs.
  5. In the case of repairs, duty will be exempted only to the remaining original parts of the goods. The importer will have to obtain from the repairer a certificate confirming whether new parts have or have not been added, in addition to an invoice for the cost of repairs, and the price of new parts, if any.

The above conditions must be satisfied before any duty exemption given for the re-imported goods. If the above conditions are not satisfied, customs duty is payable for the items.