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Traders / Businesses
Movement of Goods within GCC

For goods which will be moved between GCC states, there are two types of movement which may occur to the consignment:
If the source of the goods is the first entry point:

1. The Complete consignment (Whole Lot Dispatches)

These are goods imported as a whole consignment/lot from outside the GCC countries where the relevant customs procedures have been completed at the first entry point, provided that they are sent as a complete consignment  to the final destination.


  1. The customs formalities must be completed in full (customs declaration, inspection, payment of customs duties) for the goods imported to the GCC countries at the first customs entry point.
  2. The goods will be transferred as a whole lot from the first entry point to the final destination directly or through a member country or countries after being sealed, along with a copy of the manifest showing the value of the goods and the payable customs duties for the account of the final destination country.
2. Segregated Dispatches

These are goods imported as a whole lot from outside the GCC countries where the relevant customs formalities are completed at the first gateway, but are deconsolidated into  segregated dispatches to the destination countries under a statistical declaration for each part of the dispatch.


If the goods to be moved within the GCC countries have been already processed at the first entry gateway and the importer wishes to take a part thereof to GCC or other countries before leaving the customs department to the final destination, such movement will be performed under a statistical declaration agreed within the GCC countries and a copy of the original manifest after completing the customs formalities.


Procedures for Movement of Commodities within the GCC Countries
1. National Products :

All GCC products are duty-free.

Also exempted from customs duties are the products of the Arab countries which have signed bilateral agreements with Bahrain, under the terms and conditions agreed. Such Arab countries include Jordan, Syria and Tunisia.

The products of national origin may be moved from the country of origin to the final destination by  providing  local invoices of the products on a Customs Statistical Declaration.

2. Foreign Products :

These are handled as follows:

  1.  Goods imported into the GCC countries and the importers of which have evidence (manifest) that the duties thereon have been paid at the first entry after the formation of the Customs Union; the duties collected at the first entry will be sufficient.
  2. Products imported into the GCC countries where there is no evidence that the duties thereon have been paid; Customs duties will be collected at the entry of the country of final destination.
  3. The customs statistical declaration should be prepared by hand or computer by the goods owner or his representative and approved by exit customs. The local invoices which indicate the actual value and origin will be enclosed along with the customs declaration.
  4. The importer concerned must ensure that the customs officer has indicated approval of entry/exit of the goods on the statistical declaration.
Documents required for transaction processing:
  • Delivery Order
  • Copy of the import declaration (after payment of customs duties at the point of entry).
  • Original copies of import declaration invoices.