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Certificates of Origin

CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN: In line with the bilateral GCC or Arab economic agreements implemented in Bahrain with regard to the certificates of origin, the document proving the country of the goods production must be attached. It should have been issued by a competent authority and ratified by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or the Federation of Industry in the country of origin or by any other competent authority. In case the goods are imported from a country other than the country of production, a certificate of origin issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the country of origin may be acceptable. In all cases, the certificate must be submitted after attestation by one of Bahrain’s diplomatic missions abroad as per the law. Customs President His Excellency Shaikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al Khalifa has issued a decision regarding the documents that must be attached with a customs declaration, the information that needs to be included in the documents and the conditions that should be fulfilled in this regard. Article No. 1 in the decision states that only two documents need to be attached with the customs declaration while clearing the goods for import or export - the shipping policy and the invoice. Regarding the certificate of origin, the cases in which the certificate must be submitted are: First, in case of exemption from the customs duty in accordance with the Free Trade Agreement. Second, if the goods and products which do not have any indication of a particular origin cannot be destroyed according to the nature of the goods at the request of the regulatory authorities such as plant or animal welfare. Third, in case the Customs Affairs has any doubt about the origin of the goods.

In accordance with Law No. 7 of 2018 the Customs Affairs has facilitated the procedures as follows:

  • Attach only two documents; the third one is the certificate of origin related only to certain cases.
  • Pay insurance fee of BD50 for the certificate of origin. The fee is refundable on production of a certificate provided it matches one of the cases mentioned earlier.
  • This amount shall be refunded in case an attested certificate is produced within 90 days from the date of the custom declaration registration.
  • While calculating the customs dues, 1% is added to the value of the goods if the invoice does not include a statement of insurance payment.