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Customs Warehouse and Free Zone

Customs warehouses are bonded areas which may either be government or privately operated. Goods which are imported into the warehouse are liable to suspension of customs duties. Goods cannot move out of the warehouses without prior customs approval. It is the responsibility of the warehouse owner to produce stock reports of the bonded areas to customs on demand.


Establishing Bonded Warehouse Facilities

Bahrain Customs provides certain services and facilities for those wishing to invest in Bonded Warehouses.  Any establishment wishing to benefit from the bonded storage facilities may submit an application to the Directorate General of Customs, supported by:

  1. A copy of the establishment's Commercial Registration and the industrial license, if it is an industrial installation.
  2. A copy of the establishment's membership of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
  3. A license from the Ministry of Industry & Commerce authorizing the establishment to import equipment and machinery, if it is an industrial installation.


Customs Procedures for Bonded Warehouses

Clearance of goods in bonded areas will be completed as follows:

  1. In the event of imported goods, the establishment benefiting from the bonded stores must request, on the customs declaration enclosed to the normal clearing documents, suspension of the customs duties.
  2. Duty-paid goods purchased locally may be taken to the establishment, if processing so requires. It should be noted that the customs duties already paid are not refundable.
  3. Exportation of products must be made under the supervision of Customs.
  4. Products of the establishment may enter into the local market only after the payment of the applicable customs duties.


Free Zone – TBD