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At Customs Affairs our staff are committed to helping businesses in the Kingdom of Bahrain and make a significant contribution towards the economy by enhancing trade facilitation. We care about our society and ensure its protection from goods and materials which are detrimental to its well-being.


All our staff are committed and dedicated towards protecting our society and serving the business community.


All our staff are instilled with a sense of fairness and equitability when we serve our customers, businesses, individuals and travelers.


We respect people’s dignity and self-respect when dealing with them. We will serve you, the customer, with the respect and courtesy you deserve.


We care about the wellbeing of businesses and individuals in Bahrain. If you have any difficulties or problems related to customs you will find us serving you with genuine care.


Our staff are obliged to fulfill their duties and responsibilities so that the public confidence and trust in the integrity, and impartiality of our organization is enhanced


We are accountable for the efficiency and quality of the services we provide, our actions being in the best interests of the community and the customers we serve.


We strive to serve our customers by continually improving the quality of service we provide, and by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our services.


We are obliged to serve our customers by the guidelines set out for public service organizations within the Kingdom of Bahrain. We ensure that the confidentiality of any information provided to us is upheld.