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Customs Affairs allocates one lane for empty trucks
1st July, 2017


Head of Shipment Inspection in the Customs Affairs at King Fahad Causeway announced on Saturday that one lane had been allocated for empty trucks that could move all day long. The step, which is being assessed, is being carried out in coordination with the Saudi Customs to regulate and speed up the movement of empty trucks that leave Khalifa bin Salman Port for the causeway.

He said that before the allocation of the lane, the empty trucks had to wait for up to 10 hours. The waiting period is now expected to come down as the trucks can leave shortly after unloading their cargo. He said that more lanes would be allocated for trucks transporting transit goods and perishable products.

He said that a fast lane that would remain open all day long would be allocated for the 10 largest exporters with the highest number of trucks, starting with the companies exporting to Saudi Arabia and then other GCC countries. The lane will be opened on completion of the infrastructure work, being carried out by the General Organisation of King Fahad Causeway, on September .