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Customs President launched e-customs payment system
4th January, 2017

Customs President, Shaikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al Khalifa announced on Tuesday the launching of the e-payment systems for customs fees “Fawateer”.

This  was announced during a press conference at the Customs Affairs, in the presence of Deputy General Manager of Benefit Company. The new systems aims to meet the latest developments in customs work and facilitate provided services.

He said that the system will facilitate the fee payments of customs clearance agents and exporters, highlighting its importance to commercial organisations and clearance companies as the payment process could only take minutes.

The payment could be through smartphone applications of banks, going to banks or the websites of banks.  The President of Customs said that the system will reduce efforts and human and financial resources in processing payments.

He concluded by thanking Benefit company and the work team of the Customs Affairs for developing the system, as well as customs clearance agents for their cooperation.