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Sh. Mohammed Appointed as New Head of Customs
27th April, 2011

 We are pleased to announce the appointment of the new head of Bahrain Customs;  Sh.Mohammed bin Ali Al Khalifa,  taking over from General BasimYacob Al Hamer who has recently been promoted to Minister of Housing.
Sh. Mohammed takes over his new role as President of Bahrain Customs at a critical juncture of the organisations modernisation programme initiated during the tenure of General Basim Al Hamer.
With many projects and initiatives either having been completed or in the implementation stages, the organisation looks forward under the leadership of Sh. Mohammed’s to make the transition to a world class organisation.
Sh. Mohammed comes to Bahrain Customs with an established and distinguished record of achievements and a wealth of experience across various vertical sectors which include Finance and Administration, Telecommunications and Transport.
He has held a number of important positions and high profile roles which include Assistant Undersecretary for Financial and Administrative Affairs at the Ministry of Justice and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport. In addition, Sh. Mohammed is an active representative for the Kingdom of Bahrain in a number of international and regional forums at Ministerial level for Communications and Transport, and has also served as a Member of the Board of Directors of Gulf Air and Bahrain Telecommunications.

Sh. Mohammed has been instrumental in the modernisation and successful introduction of advanced technology and administrative systems at both the Ministry of Justice and Bahrain Post, transforming both of these into modern and efficient service oriented organisations.

In his role as President of Bahrain Customs, Sh. Mohammed aims to continue with the modernisation programme of Bahrain Customs and further develop it into a world-class organisation playing a key role in enhancing trade and the economic development of the Kingdom of Bahrain.