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Events Calendar
World Drug Day
26th June, 2017
To commemorate the International day against Drug Abuse and illicit trafficking of narcotics. First proposed in a conference in the European headquarters of the United Nations...
World Population Day
11th July, 2017
An annual event observed on 11th July, whose aim is to raise awareness of global population issues, its rise impact on development, economic and environmental resources....
Islamic New Year
21st September, 2017
Is the day when the Prophet migrated from Mecca to Medina and marked the start of the Islamic calendar. This day is celebrated as the first day of the Islamic New Year (also...
International Day for the Elderly
1st October, 2017
The International Day for the Elderly is dedicated to honor, respect and care for the world’s elderly . Remember, you too hope to be included in this esteemed group....
World Teachers Day
5th October, 2017
Celebrated every year on 5th October since 1994 and is commemorated by the teachers organizations across the world. The aim of the special day is to celebrate teachers and...
International Human Rights Day
14th October, 2017
Human Rights day is celebrated on 10th December every year in honor to the first global enunciation of human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was made...