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All major air ports and air traffic (passenger/cargo) related customs locations come under the jurisdiction of the Air Ports Directorate of Bahrain Customs. The major Air Port customs locations include the following:

Bahrain International Airport


Bahrain International Airport (BIA) is the main Air Port in the Kingdom of Bahrain and a major regional transit hub. All Passengers and Air Freight coming through Bahrain international Airport is subject to the normal Customs clearing procedures.

Air Cargo

Customs staff at the air freight (or air cargo) section are responsible for implementing customs procedures relating to air cargo.

This includes import, export and the movement of cargo between bonded warehouses. The close proximity of the cargo handlers and the various customs related functions means faster clearance and exit of the goods through the gates.




Customs staff work around the clock to facilitate faster clearance of cargo. Customs clearance is facilitated by the use of non-intrusive inspection (X-Ray scanning) equipment.


At the passenger section Bahrain International Airport, Bahrain Customs staff are responsible for passenger customs inspections. This includes screening of passenger luggage and where suspect passengers are identified, the appropriate inspection procedure.

Customs staff work with the latest technology to identify illicit materials and dangerous goods including narcotics, explosives and weapons.




The latest non-intrusive inspection devices (X-ray scanners) are used for the inspection of passenger luggage both personal and hold luggage. This ensures materials and contents which violate customs laws and regulations are identified quickly enabling Customs staff to take the appropriate action.


Customs officers are at hand to assist passengers with the completion of customs formalities. They can advise passengers on all aspects of customs regulations and duty allowances.


For further information on bringing goods into Bahrain, go to the Traveler Information page.

DHL/GLS Couriers

The bulk of Express Courier services are handled at two major locations within the Kingdom of Bahrain. These are the DHL premises and the GLS (Global Logistics Services) warehousing and storage complex. Both situated near Bahrain International Airport.

The DHL premises receives parcels and packages and performs customs brokerage, clearance and compliance. Duties.

Bahrain Customs staff based at the DHL premises are responsible for the inspection of all types of packages and ensuring customs procedures are complied with. All package undergo non-intrusive inspection (X-ray scanning). Suspect packages may undergo further physical inspection to ensure compliance with customs regulations.


The GLS warehousing and storage complex is home to a number of international and local express Couriers, such as FedEx, Aramex,and TNT to name a few.

The Customs staff located at the complex ensure that all incoming and outgoing packages are inspected. Scanning equipment is used for non-intrusive inspection, with physical inspection being carried out where necessary. In addition cargo trucks bringing goods into and taking goods out of Bahrain also undergo inspection.

Sakhir Airbase

The Sakhir airbase is a private air port used for VIP air traffic. In addition it hosts the Bahrain International Air Show (BIAS) held every two years. Customs officers are stationed at this airport to ensure customs regulations are complied with for goods and travelers coming in or going out of the country through this airport.

Shaikh Isa Air Base

The Shaikh Isa Air base is a Ministry of Defense (Bahrain Defense Force) installation. In addition to its operational duties, it is also used for ferrying of various types of equipment and personnel therefore customs staff are stationed at the airbase to ensure compliance of customs regulations.

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